5 Point Plan

There’s been a lot of talk about 5 point plans lately. Whether or not you agree with Romney’s five point plan is none of my concern, but it did get me thinking… I should start thinking about MY future, and create my own 5 point plan. So here is my 5 point plan for the weekend, which by my count, begins in a matter of hours.

  1. Buy a beer
  2. Open the beer
  3. Pour the beer into a glass
  4. Drink the beer
  5. Repeat

Now there’s a plan that I think we can all support 🙂 Go America!


Sad Charger

I’m a frustrated Chargers fan, and I’m proud of it. I wan’t to wear this frustration. I want to sing it from the mountain tops. I want my epic creation to be printed onto a shirt (small, unless it will shrink, then medium).

O             O




Side note, if you’re interested in learning about design, I’d be more than happy to discuss my skills with you.


Gargling with Salt Water

A few weeks ago, I came down with a slight illness, perhaps a mild cold. I had typical symptoms: runny nose, plugged ears, and a sore throat. This was right before my vacation (perhaps I’ll blog about that next), so I tried my damnedest to get well quickly. I loaded up on day-quill and cough drops, but my sore throat remained. Then I remembered what my mom taught me when I was younger; gargle with warm salt-water. “Why not give it a try?” I said to myself.

Since I live in San Francisco, one of the food snob capitals of the world, I wouldn’t dare be caught gargling just any normal salt-water. Morton’s salt was not going to cut it this time. “What would Gary Danko do?” I said to myself.

Boom, truffle salt-water. Why hadn’t I thought of this before? I grabbed my 4 oz jar of truffle salt straight from The Ferry Building and poured a healthy amount into some hot (not boiling) Voss still water. Sure, it may be more expensive than gargling with table salt-water (roughly $10 per cup versus $00.05), but at least I look really sophisticated while gargling.

Did it work? You tell me… three weeks later I’m feeling the best I ever have, and my breath has retained a hint of truffle to it ever since.

All I need in this life of sin, is me and my goatfriend

“Goat cheese is the greatest creation of mankind” — Dopel

I love that quote. So deep, so true.

Collection of Harley Farms cheeses

Yesterday was a good day. Jackie and I drove down to Pescadero to check out Harley Farms, otherwise known as goat cheese heaven. They’re known around the world as producing some of the best goat cheeses, and once you visit, it’s easy to tell why. These people care about their goats, and their goats are happy. They have acres and acres to roam around on, and some of the finest grass to feed on (I may have made that last part up). The goats are incredibly friendly, and very curious. Once you enter the pasture, dozens of goats scurry towards you, probably trying to figure out what the hell you are. They rub their heads up against you and nibble on your clothes. It’s pretty cool. After all the fluffy stuff is over with, the real magic happens. We got to see how the goat cheese was made, and of course, sample many cheeses. I hate picking favorites when it comes to goat cheese, but among the best were the chive log, the garlic fromage blanc, and that sexy ricotta.

I have now seen a sneak preview of Heaven, and it is good.

Harley Farms
Me and my goatfriend
Whatchu lookin at?
Jackie and her goatfriend
Talk about a Goatee!


Football season may be over, but does football season ever really end? Ponder

In my life, the answer is no. I’m always thinking about football, and specifically about the beautiful powder blue San Diego Chargers. Today was a sad day for any Charger fan, as 4 time pro-bowl guard Kris Dielman announced his retirement from football due to a concussion he sustained against the New York Jets. Smart move for him to retire, as he acknowledges that his health and his family are far more important than the game itself. But what a terribly sad day to be a Charger fan!

What weirds me out (slightly) about this situation is the role that I played in his injury. Maybe it’s minor, or maybe I’m just terrible Luck… in either case, I was at the game in New York (new jersey?) vs the Jets when Dielman suffered his injury. Whatever right? Well I was ALSO at the final game of Drew Brees‘ San Diego career against the Denver Broncos back in 2005, when he injured his right shoulder so badly that the Chargers were sure he would never amount to anything, thus letting him go to the New Orleans Saints weeks later. What ever happened to Drew Brees anyway; is he still around?

Point is… from now on I should watch every Charger game from the stool of a bar, preferably in a city not associated with whoever the Chargers are playing that week. Godspeed.


I sense that a large portion of the population is wondering what’s going on in the world of American Cheese these days. Well no worries, I got yo back! Three, count ’em, 3 important updates to share!


1)  So last weekend was the Bourdain & Ripert event that I mentioned I would attend. I didn’t quite know what to expect heading in, I just hoped that it would be entertaining. Boy was it ever!  A recap of what I learned:

  • John McEnroe is the only person banned from dining at Le Bernardin. Perhaps it had something to do with this, but Ripert indicated that it goes beyond the rough appearance on Letterman.
  • The Situation, of all people, has had a private tour of the Le Bernardin kitchen. Bourdain made it a point to give Ripert shit for this.
  • Bourdain doesn’t dislike Guy Fieri. He would feel bad for anyone “who has to wake up every morning, throw on a flame suit, and eat denver omelets at a bunch of diners, drive-ins, and meth labs.”
  • Bourdain and Ripert dislike Paula Deen and her portrayal of “southern cookin”.
  • Bourdain describes the worst tasting dish he ever sampled on Top Chef as what he imagines felching would taste like. I won’t provide a link for that one.

2)  Tomorrow night, Ratty and I are heading to Incanto for dinner.  I hear they do some funky things with their meat (TWSS).  Chris Cosentino seems like he knows his stuff, so my expectations are pretty high! By the way, I strongly believe that the meat cone at Boccalone for $3.50 is one of the best deals in the city.

Boccalone meat cone!

3)  Right now I’m eating Trader Joe’s beef bolognese ravioli. They’re disgusting edible.