Lights Out

So, the San Diego Chargers are officially relocating. The one team that I’ve consistently cared about, through thick and thin… gone.

Over the past few years, as the discussions to move the Chargers to Los Angeles really heated up, I’ve felt many different emotions. It got me thinking of the 7 stages of grief:

  1. Shock: When the news broke, I felt numb. Sounds like Philip Rivers did too.
  2. Denial: This is a joke right? You can’t leave San Diego… you don’t belong in Los Angeles… they don’t want you there!
  3. Anger: F****** greedy ownership!
  4. Bargaining: What if I move back to San Diego… will that keep you around!?!?
  5. Guilt: I feel horrible for all those times I bad-mouthed you. You hurt the ones you love the most?
  6. Depression: I won’t watch another one of your games. I’m done with football. Goodnight.
  7. Acceptance & Hope: Haven’t felt this one yet, probably won’t!

So many memories.

I traveled to New York to watch you play. It was a classic game, you had a huge lead at halftime and gave it away at the very end!


Many games were watched on this very sofa. Playoff games (or game) even!


When it got cold, I bundled up in your blanket and kept my feet warm in your socks.


I learned to cook for you!


I wore make-up for you! I felt like the prettiest Charger fan that day.


My wife even dressed as me for Halloween one year…

Screen Shot

It’s hard to imagine that next season, there will be no San Diego Chargers. I don’t know yet if I’ll still be a fan of the LA Chargers. I’ll root for the players, but I don’t think I’ll feel a strong connection to the team.

And maybe worst of all, the great San Diego Super Chargers disco-era song now serves no point.

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