All I need in this life of sin, is me and my goatfriend

“Goat cheese is the greatest creation of mankind” — Dopel

I love that quote. So deep, so true.

Collection of Harley Farms cheeses

Yesterday was a good day. Jackie and I drove down to Pescadero to check out Harley Farms, otherwise known as goat cheese heaven. They’re known around the world as producing some of the best goat cheeses, and once you visit, it’s easy to tell why. These people care about their goats, and their goats are happy. They have acres and acres to roam around on, and some of the finest grass to feed on (I may have made that last part up). The goats are incredibly friendly, and very curious. Once you enter the pasture, dozens of goats scurry towards you, probably trying to figure out what the hell you are. They rub their heads up against you and nibble on your clothes. It’s pretty cool. After all the fluffy stuff is over with, the real magic happens. We got to see how the goat cheese was made, and of course, sample many cheeses. I hate picking favorites when it comes to goat cheese, but among the best were the chive log, the garlic fromage blanc, and that sexy ricotta.

I have now seen a sneak preview of Heaven, and it is good.

Harley Farms
Me and my goatfriend
Whatchu lookin at?
Jackie and her goatfriend
Talk about a Goatee!

3 thoughts on “All I need in this life of sin, is me and my goatfriend

  1. So,I take it,Trader Joe’s is no longer the gold standard for the big cheese. Looks like a fun trip

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