Football season may be over, but does football season ever really end? Ponder

In my life, the answer is no. I’m always thinking about football, and specifically about the beautiful powder blue San Diego Chargers. Today was a sad day for any Charger fan, as 4 time pro-bowl guard Kris Dielman announced his retirement from football due to a concussion he sustained against the New York Jets. Smart move for him to retire, as he acknowledges that his health and his family are far more important than the game itself. But what a terribly sad day to be a Charger fan!

What weirds me out (slightly) about this situation is the role that I played in his injury. Maybe it’s minor, or maybe I’m just terrible Luck… in either case, I was at the game in New York (new jersey?) vs the Jets when Dielman suffered his injury. Whatever right? Well I was ALSO at the final game of Drew Brees‘ San Diego career against the Denver Broncos back in 2005, when he injured his right shoulder so badly that the Chargers were sure he would never amount to anything, thus letting him go to the New Orleans Saints weeks later. What ever happened to Drew Brees anyway; is he still around?

Point is… from now on I should watch every Charger game from the stool of a bar, preferably in a city not associated with whoever the Chargers are playing that week. Godspeed.

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