Gargling with Salt Water

A few weeks ago, I came down with a slight illness, perhaps a mild cold. I had typical symptoms: runny nose, plugged ears, and a sore throat. This was right before my vacation (perhaps I’ll blog about that next), so I tried my damnedest to get well quickly. I loaded up on day-quill and cough drops, but my sore throat remained. Then I remembered what my mom taught me when I was younger; gargle with warm salt-water. “Why not give it a try?” I said to myself.

Since I live in San Francisco, one of the food snob capitals of the world, I wouldn’t dare be caught gargling just any normal salt-water. Morton’s salt was not going to cut it this time. “What would Gary Danko do?” I said to myself.

Boom, truffle salt-water. Why hadn’t I thought of this before? I grabbed my 4 oz jar of truffle salt straight from The Ferry Building and poured a healthy amount into some hot (not boiling) Voss still water. Sure, it may be more expensive than gargling with table salt-water (roughly $10 per cup versus $00.05), but at least I look really sophisticated while gargling.

Did it work? You tell me… three weeks later I’m feeling the best I ever have, and my breath has retained a hint of truffle to it ever since.

One thought on “Gargling with Salt Water

  1. Compared to the cost of a visit to the doc and a trip to the pharm. ten dollars a dose is a deal. Now that you’re well, you might mix up a batch and use it as an astringent and aftershave. Depending on the response, it could be patented and it might be your ticket to a foodie mens toiletry empire. Nobody’s done that yet. God speed.

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