Food Nicknames

What is the deal with these food related nicknames?

That’s me asking, not Jerry Seinfeld.

Some of the most common nicknames used between couples seem to be food references. Most make little to no sense, yet people still use them at will.

For instance, how is “pumpkin” a cute nickname? Calling your partner a thick, round, orange thing with a bunch of lumps on it? Might as well call her Snooki.
What about “peanut”??? A protective salty shell housing some nuts? Sounds eerily similar to a pair of testicles if you ask me.  And “sugar pie”? Surely you’ll give me diabetes if I have too much of you…and don’t call me Shirley.

Many of these “cute” food nicknames aren’t the compliments they appear to be.  But however dumb or corny they are, they beat the alternate option; blatant food related insults.  If you value your relationship, try to refrain from using these when addressing your significant other:

  • Meatball
  • Pork chop
  • Porterhouse
  • Butterface
  • Lardy
  • Pig (“Babe” is ok though)
  • Pork belly
“Here’s some more food, you sugar muffin!” comes off a lot gentler than “here’s some more food, you pork chop!”.  

One thought on “Food Nicknames

  1. Great 2nd post! Congrats! Can we talk about food names for pets? I have friends with a dog named Tofu (and they considered naming her Dim Sum). I feel like this is another topic to explore…

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