A Family Affair

There’s nothing like gnawing on a freshly baked slice of delicious bread.  Throw a little butter on there (organic of course), maybe sprinkle a little salt on top (fine sea salt, duh), and you’ve got yourself a quality snack.  But once you’ve had top-notch bread, it truly is difficult to go back to eating everyday peasant bread. It’s just not satisfying anymore! Shmeh.

My Ma came to visit SF the other week and as we traditionally do, we stopped by the Ferry Building 4 times throughout the day and a half she was here.  The morning before her flight, we visited Acme Bread so she could bring home “a loaf or two”.  Good thing I brought her an extra suitcase, because the lady practically filled it up entirely with bread. An herb slab here, 2 loaves of pan au levain there, throw in a couple sourdough baguettes, and top it off with 4 sandwich rolls for good measure.

try stuffing all this into a suitcase!

A good bakery is hard to come by, and Acme is among the best.

Now my sister and I have discussed opening our own bakery for quite some time. How are we qualified, you might ask. We both like bread… stop asking questions. Maybe it’s just talk, but I believe we’re both somewhat serious about the idea of starting a family bakery with top notch bread and pastries.  We haven’t ever really tried to make bread… but when there’s a will, there’s a way!

The pastry side of the operation is covered.  Our Ma makes some of the best desserts / pastries imaginable.  That’s not an opinion.  Lately, she’s been making these mini pies that are absolutely to die for. I love the little hole in each pie; you get to peek in and see the good filling that awaits! If we can get Ma to put her delicious pie holes on the menu, then I figure we’ll be on our way to a successful bakery!

It’s a ways down the road.  Obviously we’ve got to learn how to make bread first.  We need to convince our Ma that she’s not wasting her time making pie hole after pie hole. We need to find the perfect location. What we don’t need is a catchy name… we’ve already got that covered.  Be on the lookout for:

InBread: a family affair

2 thoughts on “A Family Affair

  1. “Have you tried my ma’s piehole?”
    “You seen my sister’s rolls?”
    “My brother’s got the crustiest baguette in the city!”
    This venture has success written all over it!

    1. Hilarious, but true. I hear a good jingle coming on. Have you had the bread at Tartine Bakery yet? I want to try it so badly, but they don’t sell it until 5pm and my proximity to the Mission is not that close.

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