The Birth of a Blog

Hello world,

First off, thank you for taking a little bit of time out of your day (or night!) to read this blog.  This should be fun for both of us.

You may or may not have been a follower of my previous blog, Hellopel. I’m guessing you weren’t, since the view counts per post typically stayed in the 3-4 range.  Thats ok, you are forgiven.  Everyone deserves a second chance.  Anyways, I’m hoping to be very active with this new blog.  It is my brain-child, after all.

I’m intending for American Cheese to be somewhat of a food-related blog.  Not in a snob way.  Just in a way.  Each post will be somewhat food-related.  I think.  I may go off on a rant about something completely non food related from time to time, but I’ll try to pull it all together in the end with a food reference.  Fingers crossed!

Why American Cheese, you may be asking?  Great question! Allow me to explain:

  • I’m American (not by choice…I’m really a citizen of the world)
  • I like cheese, alot
  • I’m cheesy
  • American Cheese has great melting quality, and is thus a great cheese to use on burgers.
  • I love cheeseburgers
  • Billy The Poet despises american cheese…more reason to love it.
  • Goat Cheese doesn’t have the same ring to it.
I bet you have goosebumps right now… try to control the excitement.  Please take this opportunity to add American Cheese to your google reader, or bookmark this page. Heck, you can even simply click the lil button at the top right of the page that says “give me my cheese!” , and something will supposedly happen.  Or if you’re old fashioned like me, jot down a reminder on a piece of paper and stick it in your back pocket.   Hopefully when/if you find that note a month from now, you’ll remember what “American Cheese” means.

3 thoughts on “The Birth of a Blog

  1. This is cheesy AND cute, my main motivators in blog reading. And, hey, we’ve something in common, my blog is called LemonTypeWriter. Although yours is laid out much better than mine, hence blog grave. And, I’ll admit, peeling back the plastic shell on a piece of American Cheese occasionally does the trick.

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