Eric “the ripper” Ripert

Eric Ripert has that look about him. It’s hard to describe… but it’s essentially the look when you are intrigued by the smell of your own farts. Borderline in love with the smell.

It’s not something he can help either. It’s a permanent look on his face. It is his face. He’s always sniffing his farts, and he’s generally satisfied with the results. You shouldn’t expect anything less from a chef of his caliber.

I’m blessed enough to have the privilege  to see “the ripper” himself tomorrow night, talking about food, with none other than Anthony Bourdain.

I can’t wait for this show; food lovers everywhere should be envious. Who’s smelling their own farts now!?!

3 thoughts on “Eric “the ripper” Ripert

  1. this sounds so cool, cant wait to hear about it. perhaps if there is a q and a session, you can request a fart?

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