McDonald’s vs In n Out: FRIES

Whose are better?

Things to keep in mind:

  • In n Out’s fries are fresh
  • Virtually the same calories / fat / saturated fat (compared to medium fries from McDonalds)
  • In n Out’s fries taste better
  • You can request different level of doneness for In n Out’s fries
None of this “In n Out’s fries taste like cardboard” nonsense.  I’d like to know where you acquire such fine tasting cardboard.  



4 thoughts on “McDonald’s vs In n Out: FRIES

  1. We are SO not on the same page here. There’s a reason why McDonald’s fries taste better– they’re double-fried. Maybe if In N’ Out wasn’t so lazy and fried their potatoes twice… this wouldn’t be an issue. Requesting “well done” fries helps as well as a side of “spread.” Don’t get me wrong. I love their burgers and shakes… but I have totally bought my cheeseburger animal style and then driven to McDonald’s and ordered a LARGE fries.

  2. McDonalds wins hand down. Skinny shape, fried to be crispy outside, hot and soft inside, duh! AND there is also the salt factor: McDs salts their fries perfectly, where as In N’ Out skimps on the sodium.

  3. Your an idiot hellopel. If I wasn’t your friend (and thousands of miles away now) I would smack you so hard its not even funny. On a completely different note I just noticed the smiley face inside the cheese at the bottom of this page!

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