San Diego, the 18th best beer city in the U.S.

Travel and Leisure should fire everyone involved with making this list.  How on planet earth could San Diego be ranked number 18?

 I started reading this article at number 9, where San Francisco is questionably ranked.  I kept scrolling down the list… 8 , 7 , 6… “oh boy” me says, “San Diego is going to get the credit they deserve!”. 5, 4, 3, 2, no San Diego. Duh, that’s because it’s number ONE!




There’s plenty wrong with this ranking. San Diego is just clearly the biggest mind-fuck.

 Anchorage is well ahead of SD. Shouldn’t they be making ice wine? Minneapolis??? Right, because nothing quenches your thirst like a pint of “Surly Brew”.

And what prompted these fucktards to rank San Francisco 9 spots higher than San Diego? Anchor and 21st Amendment. That’s fine, whatever. But what does SF have outside of these? Magnolia? Thirsty Bear? I sure do see a lot of beer stores in San Diego stocking up on Beach Chalet beers! They said San Francisco, not Bay Area… so clearly they’re not acknowledging Russian River, Bear Republic, and some of the other breweries that would then warrant a top 10 ranking.

I thought it was common knowledge that San Diego is the best beer city in the U.S., and one of the top overall beer cities in the world. The amount of uneducated alcoholics in this world is mind-boggling.

Stone, Ballast Point, Ale Smith, Port, Green Flash, Coronado… hell even throw in the grandfather of all of them, Karl Strauss.  They deserve better than this. Travel and Leisure has failed them, and they have failed us all.

But then again, who reads Travel and Leisure anyways (besides me apparently)? I know I shouldn’t get so upset over something like this, but if you’re going to compile a ranking of something, do a little homework first. Don’t just crap out a bunch of random cities.

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