B&B: the new T&A?

Tits or ass, bro?

Most guys, at some point in their lives, have been asked this question. Supposedly, every man is either a “Tits guy” or an “Ass guy”.  But I wonder, how can it be that simple?  Is there no in between?

First of all, “Tits” and “Ass” is a little crude, right? I know my audience… we’re more mature than that. From now on, we’ll go with Breasts and Butt.  That’s my type of B&B!

Personally, I love both.  It’s hard to compare them; they just compliment each other so well! In one hand, you have a beautiful succulent Breast.  It’s really a thing of beauty, how can you say no? In the other hand, a piece of juicy tender Butt.  Firm on the outside, but plenty of give once you get in there.

You had me at hello.

When all’s said and done… you really can’t have one without the other.  The perfect barbecue has both T and A B and B.

Succulent chicken breasts and tender pork butt.


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