The Fremont Diner

I did it! I finally found the best lunch spot in the bay area!!!

On the way back from a shmeh filled weekend in Yountville, Ratty and I stopped at The Fremont Diner, which we had eyed on the way out there.  There was quite a line of people outside, and luckily, we decided to wait it out.

I know what you’re thinking… “If it’s so good, how come Guy Fieri hasn’t been there yet?”

Ummm probably because he’s not welcome inside. I wouldn’t let that oversized porcupine run his mouth in my hidden gem either.

Take a look at the menu and tell me it doesn’t sound amazing.

“Ohhh David I’ve had a lot of good lunches in the bay area. How’s ya know this is THE best?”

Seriously negative fucking nancy, knock it off. Just take my word for it…

My gal and I had the pimento cheese plate, reuben sandwich, and whole hog (pork sandwich). Everything was, for lack of a better phrase, out of bounds. I haven’t brushed my teeth since devouring this meal. The taste is mostly gone now, but hopefully I’ll find a good chunk of leftovers when I go to floss in a few weeks.

The Fremont Diner could give me a completely mediocre meal the next time I go, and I would still consider it the best lunch spot in the bay.  Go. Rent a car if you have to. Take a taxi, I’ll reimburse you. Just go.

Pimento Goodness


3 thoughts on “The Fremont Diner

  1. there is not one thing on that menu that i wouldn’t eat, it sounds amazing! I mean, for fucks sake, they carry squirt!

  2. I’ll have the figs in the blanket and the farmers toast to go (about 400 miles). Sounds like you’ve found a find.

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