Guilty Pleasures

Everyone’s got ’em. Some people are proud of them, and some ashamed.  For instance, someone close to me sneaks over to McDonald’s once every 3 months or so for a “S.B.L.” (secret burger lunch).  Whether this person realizes it or not, it is their guilty pleasure.

I embrace my guilty pleasures.  Although I could list countless guilty pleasures of mine, below is a summary of the important ones.

My guilty pleasures:

  • Cheez Whiz… it gets a bad rap, but throw this orange gunk over some pasta, dump some cracked pepper over it, and you’ve got yourself a gourmet meal.
  • Bagel Bites… the original mini pizza bagel? I have fond memories of coming home after school (2nd-4th grade maybe), eating a half dozen bagel bites, and watching Looney Toons / Animaniacs / Pinky and the Brain / etc etc etc.
  • 2 Cheeseburgers with Ketchup Only and Medium Fries from Mcdonalds.  Ate this way too often after school growing up.  It would have continued if my grandma hadn’t intervened and convinced me that McDonald’s patties primarily consist of pig and cow pus. Thanks grandma!
  • Stouffer’s Macaroni and Cheese. This was my nightly dinner for a good portion of my youth.  Have I mentioned that I used to be a picky eater?
  • Funyuns. Disgustingly good.
This blog challenges you to think… so please, what are YOUR guilty pleasures?

4 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. Just because you have the fastest metabolism in the West, doesn’t mean this will not catch up with you. I didn’t get to be Vintage for nothing. You’re giving omnivores a bad name.

  2. So many good choices: corn nuts, taco bell tacos, and of course, American cheese singles! I’ll pass up a brie, dragon fruit chutney and arugula on toasted walnut honey loaf any day for a plain ol’ American grilled cheese on Home Pride white bread.

  3. SpaghettiO’s, McDonald’s hashbrowns (drool), Blue Raspberry Icee’s (screw Cherry), Spicy Cheetos, Cup-o-Noodle… the list could continue for awhile. I think my biggest guilty pleasure would be Duncan Hines’ Confetti Cake. I love that instant “cake in a box” taste.

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